Proposed Amenities

Proposed Amenities


Are you tired of driving all the way to a marina to pick up your boat and bring it back again? The Resort has a proposed marina that will save you and your family time and energy driving back and forth to the marina by using the marina at The Resort.


Ever feel like entertaining outdoors or having a family reunion or picnic out by the water? The Resort has plans for a Pavilion for you and guests to enjoy the great outdoors without packing up the kids and driving long distances.


The Resort currently owns a beautiful stretch of land that will be home for our future marina with a beach. The pavilion is beachside so that you and family can have picnics or parties right next to the water for endless hours of fun. Just imagine having a beach in your own community.

Open space and nature trails picnic areas

Living at The Resort is like living in the country with all of the amenities of the city. The Resort has plans for nature trails for all of our residents to enjoy in the near future.

*Prices, Features and Dates subject to change. All plans for facilities of land uses are subject to change without notice and nothing presented on the plan should obligate The Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake L.P. or any other entity, public or private, to construct facilities or to develop the land as described. Actual construction or changed development may have already rendered the information presented in the plan. No timeline for these amenities has been established.